For the longest stretch in its lifetime, Kickass Torrents was the most popular “torrenting” site on the planet.

But something terribly unfortunate happened in July 2016. The founder-on-the-run, Artem Vaulin was arrested in Poland. He had been hiding for a long time and was facing multiple legal charges.

Vaulin’s arrest summarily ended the era of Kickass Torrents. The site was taken down.

Thankfully, that was not the end of torrent file-sharing as we knew it. There are a number of Kickass Torrents alternatives that you can use right now.

Fair Warning Before Alternatives

Unlike popular belief, torrenting itself is legal per say. But there’s a small catch here – you are expected to have the approval of the content owner before sharing/downloading files. The way the BitTorrent protocol is designed makes it easy for content owners to track the IP of people downloading the content. Copyright owners can notify your ISP of the infringement. They also reserve the right to take legal action against you.

In the interest of staying clear of legal water and toward the larger goal of protecting your privacy, it is advisable to use a VPN. The right VPN will hide your real IP and encrypt your traffic so that no one finds out about the data you are uploading or downloading. Investment in a VPN service will mean that neither your government nor your ISP can track you.

Kickass Torrent Alternatives – Best Recommendations

The unfortunate passing of Kickass Torrents has left a large hole in the torrent world. But you can make up for your needs with the following alternatives:


It’s often the old wine that saves the day!

First off, RARBG has done a remarkable job of running with a top torrent site for so long. They are still a clean site with a large library and minus the host of spammy ads. You can say the design is a bit oldie-hoodie with more content than media right when you land on the page.

But do not be fooled by the low-key appearance of the website. It has well-stacked sections in movies, TV shows, games, music, software, and even new trailers. The best part about RARBG is that you can download torrents the old way without much of code-pushing here and there.

RARBG has been targeted by a number of Internet Service Providers in the past few years. So there’s a mighty chance that the site might not be available in your region/web browser. In such cases, all you need to do is make use of a VPN service.

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay ruled the roost before Kickass Torrents days.

And it continues to do so after Kickass Torrents. The site is almost as old as P2P file sharing itself. It has battled through some aggressive lawsuits and petitions. That TPB has eclipsed the Kickass Torrents legacy is a feat in itself.

The Pirate Bay is still one of the most popular torrent websites. That is why you can expect to find any kind of content on its libraries. The only thing that we would like to change is the design which has become a tad dated now. Never mind the crypto mining allegations – The Pirate Bay is still a champion torrenting website.

Known for its powerful search feature, The Pirate Bay gives you content from a range of genres. Besides popular media content like TV shows and music, you can also browse the Top 100 section for a quick into the hottest and most trending torrents.

3. Popcorn Time

If you still download and watch movies and TV shows, where’s the accountability for that ambitious internet plan?

The BitTorrent P2P protocol is more than just downloading content and watching locally. Popcorn Time is an app with a breezy interface that allows you to stream torrents online. It is with Popcorn Time that you realize the true efficiency of the BitTorrent protocol. It allows you to stream high quality pictures at 720p and even 1080p.

All you need to use the Popcorn Time app is an operating system of Windows XP or above. You could be in for some disappointment if you are a Mac user though. Nevertheless, the one thing that truly stands out for Popcorn Time is the collection of movies. That is where the app comes to its own.

Another cool thing about this app is its compatibility with rather slow internet connections. Ironically, low data-speed performance was also one of the major hallmarks of Kickass Torrents, too!


YTS.AG is best place to download high-res, low-size files.

Torrent fans of yesteryears were head over heels in love with YIFY. So when YIFY went down, much of the Torrent community were as unhappy as they were at the demise of It was a different story with YTS.AG though. When we first saw it, many of us believed it was floated by the same team that brought YIFY.

YTS.AG is not just a great clone for YIFY. It is also one of the best Kickass Torrents alternatives because of the sheer volume of numbers that it stacks up. They have low bit-rate rips of almost every major and minor movie that’s at least six months old. In addition, you get a lot of TV shows and music alongside movies.

With a neat interface, a huge library, and a fab legacy, YTS.AG is here to stay. What’s more? The most popular downloads of the year are listed front and center. So you always know what you friends are watching!

5. Kat.Li

Kat.Li is an excellent clone site for those that miss the Kickass Torrents interface.

Kat.Li might not be as popular as it deserves to be. But it is still just as good an alternative for Kickass Torrents as Torrentz2 is for Right from the nuances design elements to the enhanced functionality of the overall site, this site is a true-blue replica of Kickass Torrents.

The website truly emulates the Kickass Torrents model when it comes to downloading. However, the clone site was actually created before the takedown of the original site. We tried working around with a few files and the experience was reasonably good.

You can also make wholesome use of the search function on the site. Out of the blue, any search query returns dozens of results. You should also know that this time, there are quite a few clones of Kickass Torrents on the web. Kat.Li manages to beat all of them quite comprehensively.

6. 1337x

Most torrent sites come and go. 1337x is different.

1337x is special in two ways. One, it has managed to stay afloat on the web when most other sites of its age are gone. And secondly, 1337x has done terrific work in all these years. It hasn’t just been there biding time. Perhaps the only thing that worked in favor of the site is that it was not as popular as The Pirate Bay or Kickass Torrents.

But that was years back. At present, 1337x is one of the biggest names in torrenting. That is also precisely what makes it such a great Kickass Torrents alternatives. The library of content is practically huge. It is so large that you can get lost within the shelves even without downloading a thing.

The website does have its share of faults though. For one, the design is back from the days when websites were developed on big-box-type monitors. But if you ignore that, this is one site that outranks scores of torrent sites on pure performance merit.

7. Torrentz2

It is interesting to note that is not a website that actually hosts torrents.

Torrentz2 was built to replicate the Torrentz meta search engine. To wit, it is not really a Torrent search engine like you would expect it to be. But it has a very powerful search function that makes it a very powerful Kickass Torrents alternative.

The site never hid the fact that it was built to replicate Torrentz. The look, feel, and feature-set of the website is almost exactly similar to the erstwhile mega search engine. That automatically translates into a user interface design that is lucid, clean, and jet fast.

The myTorrentz section quickly shows you all the latest titles, movies, and shows at one place. Below that, you will find the latest additions in games, TV shows, movies, music, and anime. If you are looking for something that is too old and nowhere else on the internet, Trust Torrentz2 to do it for you.

8. Zooqle

Zooqle is the new kid on the block – and by the looks of it, it’s going big!
People who have been using torrents regularly have heard a lot about this one site of late. Out of the box, Zooqle is a dependable alternative for kickass torrents. The site gives its users a long and large list of torrents spread across a number of categories.

On the homepage itself, you will find some of the most popular offerings in both movies and TV. Shows like Westworld, Power, and Cloak & Dagger feature right on top. Then you have some of the latest movies like Rampage and Tomb Raider in the July 2018 version of the site.

The Zooqle search function is also sports a unique architecture. You can search the website with the name of a movie, an actor, a genre, and just about any other category. Right beside the search bar is a list of icons that are easy to miss. Hover over them for more genres, TV, music and games.

Why You Must Use a VPN for Torrenting?

We can’t stress enough the need for a good VPN for torrenting. But if you must know, here are some major reasons for using a VPN for torrenting.

1. Protection of your privacy

Not many of us seem to care a lot about online privacy. Who knows it better than the miscreants on the web? A VPN routes your internet connection through a different geographic location – often a different country. This hides your real IP address and location. Furthermore, information about you browser and computer are also hidden.

2. Anonymous P2P file sharing

The reason so many people are tracked by their ISPs for unethical torrenting is because they leave their IP address bare for the world to see. A VPN service displays a proxy IP address and encrypts the flow of data. This makes sure that no one (not even your ISP) knows your real IP address.

3. Bypassing of geo-restrictions

The constant legal crackdown against torrent websites across the world means that various torrent websites are not available in different parts of the world. These geo-restrictions can be easily overcome with the help of a VPN. Since the VPN re-routes your internet connection, you can set the location to a country where the website has not been banned.

4. Good download speeds

Using a proxy or VPN will invariably slow down the speed because of the connection re-routing. But a good VPN will have its servers all across the world. This means that you can choose a server that is the nearest to your geography. Resultantly, you will lose very less speed even after using a VPN connection.

Since a lot about torrenting is downloading files, we recommend you use SwitchVPN in over 145 servers globally with port forwarding feature for your bittorrent client.

In Conclusion

Kickass Torrents is gone. And for good or bad, it isn’t not coming back. We truly believe that no one website can become the immediate replacement for Kickass Torrents. But in this article, we have given you a wide selection of the best alternatives for Kickass Torrents. Some of these could be better while others might not be as good as Kickass Torrents. But all of these sites are free so you can always try each of them.

Remember, the best torrenting sites do not need to look good as long as they do good.