We understand your requirements for a VPN when it comes to downloading torrents without getting those DMCA notices or being tracked by your ISPs online. You will need a VPN which provides you utmost privacy and security without leaking your network traffic while providing you all tools you need to torrent safely.

To get best experience while downloading torrents, you need VPN which offers port forwarding, does not log your connection details, high speed as you do not want to compromise on your speed, best customer support in case of any problems. We have researched and short listed best VPNs which offers everything to get best bang for your buck, As of-course you do not want to shell out lot of money when you simply want to torrent =)

Below are the list of recommended VPN Providers for Anonymous downloading.

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Yes, thats right, PIA. One of the popular names in VPN industry which is super cheap and offers everything you need to successfully torrent without any worries.

PIA is a no-log VPN provider which is popular among torrent community, majority of their customers are from US and Canada who primarily use PIA for torrenting and privacy needs. Being a U.S based company, PIA has proved that is does not log in court, not once but twice. Which is safe to say that company does what it claims.

Private Internet Access offers Port forwarding, Kill Switch, Fast Speeds at cheap price. This is the VPN you will need if you are looking to torrent, you simply cant go wrong with these guys.

However there are P2P friendly servers which PIA recommends, basically P2P friendly servers are the ones which are offering port forwarding, rest all servers will not provide you with port forwarding which means slower speed.


  • No Logs
  • Kill-Switch
  • Shared-IP Address
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Supports Port-Forwarding


SwitchVPN is a lesser known VPN in the industry, founded in 2010 but offers fastest speed and one of the best customer support we have expericened so far, SwitchVPN offers port forwarding, Kill Switch and it is a no-log VPN service provider.

SwitchVPN allows you to download torrents using any of their servers without any restrictions and it also passed all the leak tests including DNS leak test with flying colors.

SwitchVPN also utilizes shared IP Address, what it means is that when you connect to a server, the same IP address is being shared by multiple users on that same server. Which means its impossible to link any activity to any user.


  • Zero Log VPN
  • Supports Port Forwarding
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Kill-Switch
  • Shared IP Address
  • 24/7 Live Customer support

Invisible Browsing VPN (IBVPN)

IbVPN (Invisible Browsing) based in Romania, one of the privacy focused country in Europe. IbVPN claims to not keeping any logs of users activity and offers Kill Switch to prevent any data from leaking incase of accidential disconnection of VPN, We have tested and its pretty decent VPN for the price, however their plans and pricing are little confusing. However they have a special plan called "Torrent VPN" which specializes for those looking to protect their identify while downloading torrents.

It provides you Socks5 proxies which you can configure on your favorite bit-torrent client, so you do not have to send all traffic through VPN and only your torrent traffic will go through VPN.


  • Based in Romania, No Logs VPN
  • 24-Hour Free Trial
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • 15-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Kill-Switch

Why do you need to use VPN when torrenting ?

You need to use VPN when torrenting to prevent your ISP from tracking your online activity and preventing those DMCA notices and strikes. Using a VPN will prevent all those and allowing you to torrent safely without any worries.

What do i need to look for in a VPN for torrenting ?

You need to make sure that the company does not log your details, provides shared IP address, Kill Switch, Port forwarding, fast speeds and live customer support. All these points will make sure you will not be disappointed after purchase.

VPNs to avoid for torrenting

Avoid VPNs which has known history of suspending users account based on DMCA complaints, these VPNs company keep a track of its users and kills the purpose of VPN when torrenting, because even a single DMCA complain will get your account suspended without any refunds. Such as VyprVPN, NordVPN