A lot of media consumption in 2018 has become on-demand. And Kodi has is a clear favorite among both cord-cutters and media consumers in general. Kodi users have a lot to explore, thanks to a terrific selection of available Kodi repositories. These repositories house several Kodi add-ons that do a wonderful job of amplifying the variety of content we can stream on Kodi.

In this article we will show you some of the best Kodi repositories that add more value to your Kodi experience.

Words of wisdom before we start…

Your ISP (and government authorities) are continuously filtering through the data accessed by your web browser. So if you are using Kodi to stream any material that is either copyrighted or banned, legal trouble can find you sooner or later. The best solution to avoid any legal soup (and access Kodi anywhere) is to use a reliable VPN service.

Best Kodi Repositories for 2018

Before we dig into the best Kodi repositories, we must let you know that Kodi repositories keep changing. The change here is two-fold – the kind of content changes and the available repositories change, too.

1. Kodil Repository


Kodil repository has been doing good work for Kodi users for quite some time now. Unlike many other repositories, Kodil does not offer exclusive add-ons. Instead, it clubs almost every add-on available for Kodi at one place. That gives you the liberty to come back to Kodil just about any time you want something new.

The reason Kodil makes it to the very top of our list is the hundreds of new add-ons it brings. However, you will occasionally land on some of those faulty links. Feel free to do your own research on which add-on works on which doesn’t. This saves a lot of time that is otherwise spent on installing defunct add-ons. Nevertheless, Kodil belongs with Kodi – any old day of the week!

2. Maverick Repo


Maverick Repo is quite the anti-thesis of Kodi when it comes to sheer numerical strength. The number of add-ons you find in this repository is pretty limited. But these add-ons are also some of the best ones that you will find out there. That is one reason, we, at BestVPN.tips, always recommend our readers to check out Maverick Repo.

For one, the good folks at Maverick Pro are experts at software creation. Time and again, they’ve come up with some exquisite add-ons that have gathered praise from all corners. They do it quite frequently so you should not mind checking back every other day. Use this repository and you’ll know why Maverick Repo has a soft spot with us.

3. Jesusbox Repo


People who have used Kodi for the longest have been in historic awe of the add-on Genesis Reborn. Many hailed the add-on as the last thing in TV and movie shows. But if there’s one thing that the Kodi community has come to understand, it’s the fact that nothing lasts forever. Genesis Reborn made a sad exit.

But Jesusbox Repo is second to none. For the largest part, it has successfully filled up the void left by Genesis Reborn. Jesusbox Repo is as good as Genesis Reborn. It brings to you some of the most frequently used add-ons by Kodi users.

4. BludhavenGrayson Repository


The popularity of BludhavenGrayson has grown immensely over the last month or so. While the number of featured add-ons are limited, most of them are insanely awesome. If you are a fan of live programming and sports, BludhavenGrayson is one repository you should tour now.

By the look of it, BludhavenGrayson looks like the next big thing in sport add-ons for Kodi. Even if it does not make it, we will like it even better if there is a better sports add-on that’s better than BHG. At any rate, sports fans on Kodi are in for some major treat.

Some cool add-ons included in the BHG pack include Pac-12 Network, BoxPlus Network, and Fitness Blender. Some other Live TV Kodi add-ons are good resources for channels from the USA and UK.

5. Blamo Repository


Let us keep going with another cool Kodi repository everyone’s talking about. Blamo answers the prayers of Kodi fans who have yearned for latest TV shows and movies on Kodi. While news has surfaced that developers of this repo have faced legal issues, Blamo has managed to stay afloat so far.

Presently, Blamo Repository is one way you can install the Neptune Rising add-on. In fact, this is an Exodus fork, which was among the most popular Kodi add-ons till a few months back. If you are really into movies, you should also definitely check out the add-on Placenta. It’s another great resource for movie lovers.

6. TVAddons


It’s not a coincidence that one of the best Kodi repositories is also one of the most endangered ones. TVAddons has been on the receiving end of allegations by a number of anti-piracy groups and it’s mostly its own popularity that is to blame. We do not know how but the repository always manages to resurface somehow.

The Git Browser is something you find on TVAddons that is not present in any other Kodi repository out there. With the Git Browser, any add-on that you find on GitHub can easily be installed on your Kodi. Quite honestly, as long as TVAddons stays alive, the world of Kodi repositories will have some more rainbows to it.

7. Simply Caz


At one point, the world of Kodi add-ons and repositories was experience some major famine. This was the time when the Fusion Repository departed in the abyss. Thanks to Simply Caz, we did not have to weep for weeks for Fusion repo. Simply Caz hosted all popular Kodi add-ons, giving us all a dash of fresh air.

But it hasn’t always been a smooth ride for Simply Caz. As more and more people spawned over, the repo’s downtime started increasing. But the ‘put-off’ experience was fairly short and Simply Caz did remarkably well to crawl back up. That is precisely why it is with us as one of the best Kodi add-ons.

8. Supremacy Repository


Supremacy repository is a limited but extremely versatile repository of Kodi add-ons. Primarily, it is among the coolest sport repositories. It has add-ons for almost every kind of sport played under the sun.

Besides sports, you will also find a healthy dose of movies, shows, and music, thanks to some new additions in add-ons. Unlike some other add-ons, installing Supremacy is quite simple.

9. Noobs and Nerds Repository


Noobs and Nerds is a bit tacky, but is also insanely creative. It never fails to impress you with new features and additions. The community portal ensures Kodi users are updated with the arrival of new Kodi add-ons along with add-ons that are popular at a given time.

It wasn’t too long back that Noobs and Nerds was struck down by law enforcement agencies. The repository had shut down following the crackdown. To the delight of users, a new repository URL was introduced pretty soon. And the old one was restored, too!

How to install a Kodi Repository

It is not enough to know about Kodi add-ons. You must also know how to install them. To get going with the installation, you can use one of two methods. Here is a roundup.

Install a repo from a file

The first (and the easier) way is to download the zip file from the internet and install it on your local computer. The location of the repo file (on the web) may differ. But the broad installation procedure remains the same.

  • Locate the installation file and download it on the hard drive
  • Start Kodi and select add-on from the left menu bar
  • Find the Open box icon below the add-on option and click on it
  • Choose ‘zip file installation’
  • Choose the zip file for installation in the navigation pane that follows

Direct Kodi Installation

This is the only method that works on dedicated Kodi boxes. But it can also be used for computers. Here’s how it goes.

  • Find the System icon right under the Kodi logo at 10 o’ clock
  • From the icon choices that appear next, select File Manager placed at the bottom
  • Go to and tap the field
  • Enter the URL/IP address of the repo and hit ‘OK’
  • Name this repository (choose the repo’s own name)
  • Go back to the File Manager and then newly-added source; a list of available selections will crop up – select the one you want and install it right there

Wrapping it up

Kodi is easily among the top motivators for cord-cutters. It lets you want what you like when you like. The stock of repositories changes almost every day. But the repos that are listed here should stay up till the next time we tell you about more Kodi repositories.

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